Artist Conversation – Week 16 – Amy Duran

Exhibition Information

Artist: Amy Duran

Exhibition: Love Houses

Media: Ceramics

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gotav

Website: None

Instagram: Polkadot.pony

About the Artist

Amy Duran is an Undergraduate student currently in her senior year attendanding the BFA Program at CSULB. To make this piece she spoke with uis Casas and named their exhibition love houses. The name was inspired by the names of both of artists. Amy is not planning to go to grad school after graduation, but instead pursing a career.Amy is deeply fascinated in fairy tales and that’s why she decided to do this certain piece of art. Amy is also a transfer student from Cypress College. She always liked sculpting and use her passion in this exhibition.

Formal Analysis

Amy stated that she was not the creator of the vases, but another artist named, Luis Casas. Each vase was unique in size, shape and color- ranging in the earth tones. The vases were beautiful on their own. The flowers and piping was just the right touch to bring them to life even more. She decorated them with the piping style of flowers that would usually be seen on cakes.In order to create these flowers Amy explained that she added water and blended it with the clay until it was the consistency of cake frosting.

Content Analysis

In order to make the piping clay, Duran added water and blended it until it had a cake frosting- like consistency. Duran had also created a set of “story” sculptures. The set included a suited wolf behind an apple tree, a girl in a blue dress with apples, a sleeping hunter with an ax and a rifle/shotgun, and an apple tree with a wanted poster of the wolf. Each figure was made on the wheel. Generally, she makes her sculptures by hand. Duran created these characters with the intention to allow the viewer to create their own stories.

Synthesis / My Experience

it was my last visit to the art gallery, and it was awesome, this week especially was just great. Speaking with Amy about why and how she made her art was just as fascinating as the last 10 artist i spoke too lol. Going to miss coming to art gallery and speaking with all the artist.unnamed.jpg


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