Wk 12: Artist Conversation- Sage Garver


Exhibition Information

Artist: Sage Garver

Exhibition: BIO

Media: Mixed media sculpture, metal, plastics

Gallery: Dutzi Gallery

Website: None

Instagram: None

About the Artist:

Sage is currently attending CSULB right now as a senior. She hoped to graduate specializing with a BFA in sculpting, after she graduates shes calling it quits with school, and wants to focus on a career path. She did however mention she maybe wants to attend school later on when shes older for fun. Earlier this semester she made the decision to move out to Hawaii and find a job in the arts there. Garver prefers to do sculpting because she likes the kind of environment she works in, as well as the feeling of doing 3D hands on work. Sage has always been into art, but didn’t consider doing art as a profession until college.

Formal Analysis:

The sculpture look amazing and so real and 3D, it almost look like the splutters were popping out of the wall. Most of the whole art piece was all white, however the center piece which stood out the most I think, was a gold chain with a shiny piece in the middle. You would think that because the center piece was this really bright luxurious looking gold, with chains and expensive looking Tupperware, however most of my attention was on the white walls, and the different shapes and pieces popping out of the all.What I also thought was really cool was that sage claimed that some of the pieces coming out the wall were suppose to be  cells and organs.

Content Analysis

Sage seemed liked he was going for  an autobiographical experience about the illness and struggles that she has endured throughout her life. The white walls and white sculptures perhaps represent all the struggles that are literally reaching out of the walls and figuratively grabbing her. Garver explained that the surfaces of the gallery wall are meant to represent the surface of the human body. The sculptures that are mounted on the white wall, on the other hand, are mutations that affect and destabilize the homeostatic body. The white color of the gallery is a representation of homeostasis of the body, ‘neutrality’ which is word for word what Garver said. These patterns and bulges coming out of the wall are the symptoms and complications that originate form her struggles.

My Experience:

Coming to the gallery’s for a 7th time now I think might be more actually was great. I really feel as though I’ve learned how to talk to the artist about the meaning behind there work. I feel as though this specific art piece had much meaning to it, and requires that you really interview the artist and ask her what all the extrusions on the wall is about and the gold pieces in the middle, whats the meaning behind these pieces. It was really cool how Garver explained her piece there was definitely much meaning behind her work. I look forward to next time I visit the gallery.



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