Wk 11 – Classmate Conversations -Carlos Villicana



This week I spoke with Carlos, really cool guy. Carols is a English major, wanted to major also in journalism. He loves to read and write, loves all books especially comic books, he also loves to critique movies, and give his feedback, he would love to be the one who could choose who gets an oscar.

What do you think about Fan art and do you agree with Demi Lovato’s argument?

Carlos says fan art can be amazing or horrible, and that it depends on whose work it is. In according to Demi Lovato’s argument, Carlos understands and can show empathy with her point of view. Where there are certain features that she does not like about the fan art because it’s no realistically correct for her. Carlos says that artists who create fan art should consider the feelings of their subject. According to Carlos people shouldn’t be conditioned and motivated to look and feel a specific way and people these days stress a lot about how they look and he thinks it kind of ridiculous.


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