WK 11 – Artist Conversation – Kyle Kruse

Artist: Kyle Kruse
Exhibition: Janis Maxim
Media: Film, Paintings, Sculptures
Gallery: Marilyn Werby
Website: Kylekruseart.com
Instagram: @kyle.kruse

About the Artist:

Kyle Kruse is attending CSULB for his 6th year, As a senior. Kruse is attempting to get a bachelors in BFA in print making with his main focus in hand being wood carving obviously . I was told Kruse has a  major sleeping problem, insomnia, which makes him loose rest and stay up most of the night where he often wonders what to do. So most of his projects are inspired from his late nights as well as being created via creative imagination. Kruse also has has many hobbies outside art, such as rock climbing. Also he loves eating curry which is his favorite food. When he graduates from CSULB Kruse wants to continue his education and might apply to Yale or NYU. The biggest influence in Kruse was his grandparents, his grandparents are also collectors which is what inspired him to do what he does now.

Formal Analysis:

This exhibit is put together withthree woodblock carvings, three sets of films and three different sculptures. The three films playing in the background are choppy, hard to catch almost as though they are trying to dodge the viewer. The carvings have dark, rough look to them almost as though they are old and have seen alot of things and been though alot. The sculptures are dark looking sharp edged masks. The entire piece of art was dark and the floors are scattered with dirt and rocks, like its in some sort of rural setting.

Content Analysis:

Kyle Kruse attempted to make an exhibit that allows everyone show viewing it to feel some sort of basic emotion but something deep and memorable. Kyle was looking forward to literally catch everyone’s eye regardless of any category.  Kyle wanted his audience to take what they felt upon visiting his exhibition and interpret it in their own way.  His work had a whole lot of roman and Greek mythology in it.In this exhibit, Kyle Kruse is questioning the cycle of human progress.  Prometheus, presented by the wood block and sculpture on the left, provided civilization with fire.  Sisyphus, represented by the wood block and sculpture on the right, broke society’s social contracts. Janus, represented in the center, is the god of beginnings and endings.  While viewing the exhibition, the viewer exists in a void and takes on the role of an onlooker. The goal or kyle was to have the intended audience be totally aware of time, meaning past, present and future.

My Experience:

The trip to the gallery this week was truly just another amazing visit, meeting with Kyle and being able to see his work and interview just such an awesome outgoing intellectual, opinionated, outgoing, creative, intelligent human being. He really shed a lot of light on his work after speaking with him, the amount of effort and heart it took to first off make his artwork then present it is just beyond me. Im truly looking forward to next week’s art gallery to see what new stuff I can discover and understand.



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