Week 10: Art Activity – Social Network

This week, our art activity was a “fiber art social network”. This included stapling a picture of ourselves to a wall with the rest of our class and connecting them with yarn to people we have developed relationships with before and throughout the semester.

I thought this activity was rather interesting because it really gives you a very different and broader more accurate perception of how its truly a small world, everyone knows everyone, and the different types of relationships we haves. Which in the case of this activity were represented by the colored strings, its fascinating to see this literally everyone is connect in some how some way. Ive been told that every human bieng is only 7 people away from every other human bieng in the world! meaning your friends, friend, friends, friends, friends, friends, knows every person in the world! and this are project really showed us how everything’s interrelated and the amount of interrelations there are with the rest of the world.web.jpg


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