Week 7 – Artist Conversation – Dulce Soledad Ibarra

Artist: Dulce Soledad Ibarra
Exhibition: Manos de Oro
Media: Video, Found Objects, and Manipulated Objects
Gallery:  Max L. Gator Gallery East
Website: http://www.dulcesoledadibarra.com

About the Artist

Ibarra is an undergraduate student at Cal State Long Beach, who is studying for her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Sculpture. Ibarra chose sculpture because she believes there is alot of potential in this and she can make beautiful tings. She is looking to attend a grad school after she graduates for her art degree away from California. Ibarra is also very preset in her community, she loves to help,  She works for non-profits that teach children about art, a privilege she didn’t have growing up. Ibarral work ioves  at the non-profits because she feels that kids should feel inspired to do art. But most importantly to make art accessible for lower income neighborhoods who get denied that right in school because through art they can also learn their history.she enjoys  binge watching on Netflix,  She also likes doing Zines, because it’s been she can release her creative side. Her favorite food is Thai food.

Format Analysis

The Manos de Oro exhibition consisted of 12 different pieces. The majority of those 12 pieces are the gardening tools such as a lawn mower, a pair of fiskars, a shovel,a tank of a weed wacker, and a chainsaw. The main piece was a video of a man cleaning up the yard. The man was Dulce’s father, who the exhibition was centered on. Dulce’s favorite piece of the exhibition was the video and collecting yard waste. She used worn-out machines that made it evident that they’d been used to do yard work. She painted the machine engines, pieces and tools in the exhibit in metallic gold. She used shrubs in the corners of the room, as well as a patch of grass in the middle. The colors in the room were gold and mainly green to show the greenery that is cut and shaped when gardeners are working.

Content Analysis

Dulce Soledad Ibarra’s gallery centers around the gold that was used on the gardening machines and tools. Ibarra stated that she used gold to signify that being a hard worker is gold and can be found in everyone instead of just the wealthy.With her dad being a gardener, she really appreciated what her dad did, and knew that it was essential to survival. Her dad is the main reason why she has a good work ethic and puts in her all when it comes to getting her work done, she she has lots of respect for her dad.When it came to the gardening tools, Dulce mentioned the reason why she painted them gold was because she wanted to show that she valued her family’s lifestyle.

My Experience:

It was an amazing opportunity to be able to speak with Ibarra, it was fascinating to see how much influence and love her family has on her and she has on her family. This is something I defiantly can relate to and love seeing in other people. As beautiful as her work was, what I think was more beautiful was the meaning behind her work, and her love for her loved ones, you can defiantly see so much passion in her and love for her family. Really excited to see her next pieces.


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