Week 4- Artist Conversation- Carly Lake


Exhibition Information
Artist: Carly Lake
Exhibition: Clonal Realm
Media: Sculpture (clay, plywood, thread, acrylic)
Galleries: CSULB School of Art, Dennis W. Dutzi Gallery
Website: carlylake.com
Instagram: sea.lake

About the Artist: 

Carly Lake is a Bachelor of fine Arts in illustration student at CSULB,
she is hoping to finish by spring next semester. Shes originally from southern 
California, she played soccer in high school. She enjoys many hobbies aside from 
art like soccer, running, juggling. She says she been into art before she 
can even remember being into art. She currently has a part time job as
a waitress at apple beys. Shes hoping to peruse her artwork part time 
post graduation.
Formal Analysis:

This artwork is definitely a little different from what someone usually sees
Its an extremely eye catching piece of art, very colorful, very vibrant, and
abstract. This piece shows fourteen clay sculptures in a circle, all the clay
sculptures are a little different, i'm not sure what they exactly are. They are 
all sitting on a colorful and layered wood platform. Underneath the wood plat-
form are strand of thread intertwined and knitted together as you can see.

Content Analysis:

It makes sense to me that after speaking with the artist, this specific art
piece is about human co-existence and relationships. If you notice all the 
clay sculptures are painted much differently, shaped differently, and come in
slightly different sizes. The piece is called, "Clonal Realm", and its actually 
part of a larger exhibit called, "Closer". According to Carly this specific piece
was inspired by a species of plant, this specific plant actually has roots that 
that intertwined together, but when it sprouts it grows as separate individual 
bodies all arranged in a circle. All the different bodies are all connected to 
the same intertwined roots.

Synthesis/ My Experience: 

My experience when walking into the Dutzi Gallery was amazing. As soon as I walked 
in the gallery this specific piece immediately caught my eye. I thought it looked 
so vibrant, abstract and put together. After speaking with the artist I was truly 
blown away, I love the idea of co-existing and appreciate one another, after the 
artist explained what she was trying to express and from whom/what it was inspired by
it truly blew me away, never knew you can express so much content with art.




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