Week 3: Artist Andrew Hanson

Exhibition Information 

Artist: Andrew Hanson
Exhibition: Why Not?
Media: Oil Paint
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: N/A
Instagram: albabroski

About the Artist:

It was great to be able to talk to Andrew Hanson, he’s a very laid back, peaceful, open minded individual. He’s from San Diego, he is an undergraduate Student here at CSULB in the School of Art Drawing and painting program. Andrew loves doing many activities involving Art such as Ceramics, and Tattoo designing and printing. He also loves hobbies outside of art such as dirt biking, fishing, and hiking. As well as being a full time student he also works part time as a bouncer at a bar in San Diego called, “Pacific Shores”. Andrew also has had an interesting life, he’s practiced drawing for 6 years, he also use to be in the navy, he enjoys making all types of art in his free time including sculptures, just an all around very peaceful, positive minded individual.


Formal Analysis:

The title of the painting is called “Bar Scene #1”, Andrew used oil paint for the media. This painting took about 4 months to complete, Andrew mentioned he avoided using lines in the painting and wanted everything to be in one piece, which makes the painting look a little more surreal to me. After seeing the painting you can definitely tell the colors of the painting compliment each other very well making it look very lively and bold. The way Andrew used shadows in the painting also added to the painting abstractness and liveliness. All the features Andrew focused on in this painting makes it a much more vivid and thoughtful scene.

Content Analysis:

Andrew tried to express what he see’s on a daily basis at this job as a bouncer at the Pacific Shores Bar, in San Diego. He explained to me how on a daily basis when hes working his shift he sees the same exact scene over and over again, the scene he tried to express was how there is always one girl being hit on by three or more men drinking, based of the paining you can tell that the girl dead center in the red is the one being hit on by the men around her. He tried to give his prospective of what he sees everyday, he’s carding someone who he doesn’t really pay much attention to. Which is why  I think Andrew blurred the ID as well as the man he was ID’ing, to show this realistic scenario that happens on a daily basis at the bar. Also interestingly enough everyone who’s in the picture is his very close friend or family I would love to see how they look like in real life.

Synthesis/ My Experience

The reason I decide to choose this piece was because it really caught my eye, I thought It was really interesting and like there had to be some sort of story or lesson behind the painting. It was cool to be able to analyze the painting and come up with my own version as to what was going on in the painting, and then actually go outside and meet the artist, and be able to understand what he was trying to express with painting. It really strengthens your ability to empathize what a person is feeling when he explains his feelings in a painting such as the one Andrew painted because now your able to see why certain portions of the painting look funny or brighter or dimmer. I was glad I was able to actually speak the painter about his piece, it was the first time I have ever gotten the opportunity to do so, looking forward to my next one.



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