ClassMate Conversation #3 w/ Evan Burton

Our Classmate conversation was, “how did you feel about the art gallery?”. Evan explained to me how he thought it was a tremendous feature of csulb, because it adds so much diversity and free speech to the campus based of the content he said he saw at the art gallery. Also he mentioned it presented a great opportunity for the art Majors at csulb to be able to present there work and actually have 100s of neutral clear minded students come and talk to them about there art weather they were critiquing it or praising them , it’s just a great opportunity for the artists to become better well known and also be able to act upon all the Intel the students had to say about them. Overall it was a great expiersnce to be able to go from one room to another and see all different types of art so beautifully and passionately made definitely will be there again soon!image.png


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